1900 Oro Dam Blvd. E

Oroville CA 95966, Suite 1

(530) 712-9223

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Fluff &Fold

We Wash, Dry, Fold & Bag your Laundry, using Premium grade Detergents, Softeners & Dryer Sheets. We wash using your desired products. We also have a variety of Fluff & Fold options, including a Discount Service and a Premium Separated Service. Hate Folded Laundry? We will Hang it for you!

Delivery Available

  • Delivery times: MWF (9am – noon)
  • 10lbs minimum
  • FREE (within 10 minute radius or 25 lbs minimum)
  • $7 fee + $1/unfolded or $1.50/folded
  • $25 fee for out of town delivery

What People Are Saying About Us

For the love of dog training
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We have a business in oroville and our washer broke. While waitinf for the warranty work we used their service to launder our towels. Very nice, and fast! We dropped off 45 lbs at noon and will be done by 5!
Canopy The Bloodwing
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Great laundromat! Staff members are very friendly and helpful. While waiting for our clothes to dry around closing time, we watched while the man on duty carefully cleaned each machine thoroughly. He really took his time and made sure they were spotless! Definitely a pleasure to see someone with a good work ethic and paying attention to the details that make this a place you feel good about coming back to. They have my business now for sure.
Jim Foster
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This is by far the best laundromat I have ever used. Washing machines for every size load and plenty of dryers and they all work lol. My favorite part is the wash and fold,the pop prices are great and the girls do a fantastic job of making my stuff look good.
Debey Babineau
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The place is fairly new and all the machines are new and you can pay with Dexter pay. They keep it really clean and sanitized.....definitely the best within 30 miles.
April Marie
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Nice and clean with great staff. I wouldn't wash my clothes anywhere else. All their machines are new and fast!